Welcome to the world free from 
the restrictions of society.
To be your true self, as a vampire.

Available soon on iOS and Android




A World Free From Restrictions

If asked, “Are you a vampire?”
Most people would answer, “No.”
But if asked, “Have you ever felt restricted by the expectations that society imposes on you?”
Would you still say, “No.”

Everyone is expected to conform to a socially acceptable way of life.

We end up becoming slaves to the restrictions that bind us
to hide our real emotions from the eyes of society,
much like a vampire that hides from the sun.

But Web3 is a world where individuality is welcomed and celebrated.
A community where we can break free from the chains that hold us back.
To be who we really want to be.

We’re inviting you, as you believe in the same values of freedom to join us and help us build this community.

Peace and Tranquility together as vampires.

So, what are you waiting for?


Let Your Creativity Flow

ClawKiss is a place for all who feel out of place in human society can come and exist as a vampire.
Utilizing blockchain technology, our vampire world will be a breath of fresh air.

In ClawKiss, you’ll live in partnership with ESA which will help you live by providing blood.

Living with ESA earns you tokens.

You can create your very own ESA and dress them up in your favorite style.
Be sure to socialize with your fellow vampires.

Take part in a new way of life.

How to Play

  • Dress to Earn

    Complete the quest by dressing up and charming ESAs to earn Tokens.
    You’ll be able to use the Tokens you earn in real life.
    Acquiring wealth by dressing up adorable ESAs is just around the corner.

    *Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Pick your ESA

    You can customize your ESA’s blood, eyes, hair, and skin to your taste.
    Take your pick.
    You can have partnerships with multiple ESAs.

  • Look after your ESAs

    Enjoy dressing up ESAs and decorating your ESA’s room to your heart’s content.
    Your ESAs will give you higher quality blood if you take good care of them.

  • Earn Tokens

    You will not only receive blood but Tokens by taking care of ESAs.
    Token can be utilized in-game by buying ESAs, fashion and interior items or can be cashed out for real money.

    *Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Enhancing and Stylizing Items

    From cool to elegant, there’s fashion and interior items for every ESA.
    Find the perfect combination that speaks to your heart.

  • Grow your Circle of Vampire Friends

    There are lots of other vampires besides yourself in ClawKiss.
    Interact by making friends and show affection to each other’s ESAs.

    *Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Forever Kawaii

    For over 10 years, the Japanese brand, SELFY has been at the forefront of “Kawaii” creations.
    Selfy will continue to evolve and inspire “Kawaii” in the hearts of people around the world.



CLAW is a new token developed on the MOOI Network and generated by ClawKiss.
CLAWs can not only be used within your life at ClawKiss but can also be used in real life.


Claw Keepers

Claw Keepers - CKS

a union of vampires, by vampires, for vampires

Here’s to those who ever felt restricted and bound by the rules and expectations of human society.
To you, who is a vampire.

CKS is committed to building a place where you belong.


No Garlic

Protect Yourself 
from UV Light

Get Plenty 
of Sleep

A world where all vampires
are equal and live freely.

Everyone gets to reap the benefits that CKS has to offer.
As an equal member of CKS, you can actively take part in the community’s growth.

Bats hide their claws.

Vision & Goals

Our Vision

To build a vampire community through ClawKiss where every individual can be free and find joy without being held back by any factors.

Our Goals

To build an ecosystem that will live forever, just like a vampire.

To create a community where individuals can be free and spread wings, just like a vampire.

To make NFTs become the lifeblood of our lives as blood is to a vampire.

Your Opinion Matters

Let us know what you think.
Your opinions help us to improve our community.


SELFY: A Beloved Brand Throughout the World

Selfy is a digital avatar brand founded in Japan.
Since its inception in 2006, Selfy has captivated people with its stylish designs
to establish itself as one of the most attractive digital brands.

Selfy will celebrate its 16th anniversary in August 2022.
With ClawKiss, Selfy will evolve into a service for vampires that compliments the world Web3.

Fashion within Selfy as an artistic expression of oneself would serve to bring joy.


Played in over 170 countries



Nintendo SwitchTM

Days Since Release



Item Released

*Figures as of May 2022


The Vertical Metaverse

We often hear about the metaverse these days, which allows us to live in an alternate universe to our own.
In the metaverse, the possibilities are limitless.

A lot of metaverse projects are all bounding to entice people with their own version, all vying for the top spot in the metaverse space.

Should there be only one metaverse that reigns supreme?
Should every single person on Earth be in the same universe?
We don’t think so.

We believe that a harmonious metaverse community is with people who truly understand each other.
That’s how we came up with the idea to make the vampire community that is ClawKiss.

One world in reality.
Thousand worlds with metaverse.
A world of your joy, comfort, and rest.
That is the world that we strive for.